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You had the home inspected and moved in but you find a problem.  What do you do?

Don't automatically blame the inspector.  Sometimes things simply fail without warning.  Have you ever gotten into your car in the morning and it would not start.   It ran fine the day before.  The same thing can apply to items in your home.  If the inspector checks the temperatures of the air conditioner and they are within the normal range, he will note that the system was operating properly.  The compressor could still fail later that day.  Yes there are tests that may, in some cases, reveal that it is going to fail but these are beyond the scope of a home inspection.

That being said, call the inspector.  He may be able to give you some guidance.  It could be that the item was noted in the report but you simply overlooked it.  It may be that the item was not accessible for inspection.  It also could be something that he missed.  In any of these situations it is a good idea to contact the inspector.  It should be noted that most inspection agreements require that the inspector be given the opportunity to re-inspect the item in question or they will not accept any responsibility.

You will find that an experienced home inspector has a lot of knowledge about how things work and he may be able to help you solve the problem over the telephone.  Sometimes it may be as simple as resetting the circuit breaker.  If the home inspector has truly missed something and it will cost a lot to correct, he may still be able to help.  Most good home inspectors carry insurance to cover an item if they miss it.
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